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Department of Education




The teaching goals of Department of Education are

1.  Providing students with educational and cultural professional knowledge.

2.  Providing students with the knowledge of an innovative curriculum and professional teaching skills.

3.  Providing students with practical knowledge of the cultural and educational institutions as well as school administration.

4.  Providing students with broad social care and the knowledge of service.



Since 2004, the Graduate Institute of Education was established and its goals are

1.  Encouraging educational academic research.

2.  Encouraging students to strive for curriculum and teaching innovation and development.

3.  Encouraging students to strive for the knowledge of education and culture.



In addition, in order to provide the opportunity for in-service elementary school teacher teaching in Kaohsiung and PingTung,the Graduate Institute of Curriculum and Instruction was established under the Department of Education. The goals of this graduate institute are

1.  Encouraging curriculum and teaching research.

2.  Encouraging students to strive for curriculum and teaching development.

3.  Encouraging students to care for the social betterment of all people.



Full-time Faculty

The Department of Education has 15 full-time faculty members, including 6 full professors and 9 associate professors. All faculty members have completed their Ph.D.Our members are energetic and passionate about academic research, teaching and social service. It is a department that provides a quality elementary school teacher education andgraduates students to work for the cultural and social service institutions with a caring attitude.