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NPTU -Department of Education



     In order to promote the quality of our elementary school teachers, the government restructured all nine Junior Teachers Colleges to provincial teacher’s colleges in July, 1987. In the same year, there were four departments were created on August 1st at PingTung Teacher’s College and the Department of Elementary Education was the biggest department at that time. 


     In order to respond to the development of the school and the need from the elementary school teachers, the Department of Elementary Education then branched out into a variety of departments and graduate institutes on a yearly basis. These departs are as follows:  the Graduate Institute of Elementary Education (Graduate Institute of Educational Administration), the Graduate Institute of Educational Technology (incorporated into the Graduate School of Computer Science), the Department of Art Education (Department of Visual Arts), the Department of Physical Education, and the Department of Music. In 2001, the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling was also developed.


     Influenced by these big changes, the Department of Elementary Education now focuses more on the cultural educational administration, courses and teaching methods. In 2004, the Graduate Institute of Education started to receive students and the content of the course began to pay more attention on curriculum and teaching methods. On August 1, 2005, PingTung Teacher’s College was promoted to National PingTung University of Education. The Department of Elementary Education changed its name to the Department of Education in 2006.